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Jai Jinendra!

Mumukshus of North America (MONA) “Worldwide Classroom on Air”.

Do you wonder why we have been saying as MONA?

“MONA” stands for Mumukshus of North America (MONA)

In November 2007; Jain Adhyatma Study Group of Metro Washington completed detail and thorough 2 months of 6 to 7 hours daily swadhyay sessions with Atmarthi Ramnikbhai Savla. Ramnikbhai conducted these classes with a tremendous efforts and enthusiasm in a very friendly and personalized style.

Towards the end of session it was planned to start Telephone Sessions.
In May 2008, Jain Adhyatma Academy of North America (JAANA)
(http://www.JAANA.ORG) started the new activity, “Worldwide Classroom on Air” in cooperation with Jain Adhyatma Study Group of Metro Washington.

Series #1, on “Pujya Gurudevshri’s Vachanamruts” by Shree Ramnikbhai Savla from Mumbai completed 8 Gujarati sessions successfully.

Series #2, on “Chhah Dhala” in Hindi by Pandit Saurabh Kumar Shashtri, a young scholar (age 28) from Indore. In November 2008; completed 16 sessions in Hindi. The learning material had been prepared by Saurabhji for this purpose with the help from the English version by Dr. Kiritbhai Gosalia.
From Nov 2008; “JAIN SWADHYAY MANDIR SONGADH-USA called as Atma-Darshan (http://www.atma-darshan.org/contactus.htm) joined to sponsor.

Series #3, “Sri Niyamsaar’ swadhyay with scholar Rajendrabhai Kamdar, Rajkot, in Gujarati. Niyamsaar Kalash in Hindi

Series #4, Pandit Todarmalji’s Rahasyapurna Chitthi” in Hindi, by Pandit Abhay Kumar Jain from Devlali, India completed 10 Hindi sessions in the month of January 2009.

Series #5 “Fundamentals of Dravyanuyoga” in Hindi, with Pandit Saurabh Kumar Shashtri completed 12 sessions successfully.

Series #5a “Fundamentals of Dravyanuyoga” in English, with Pandit Saurabh Kumar Shashtri completed 9 sessions successfully.

On April 25 2009; First time, on telephone 80 families; together celebrated Gurudev Pujya Shri Kanji swami’s 120th Janma Jayanti by logging for 5000 minutes.

On June 13 2009, Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami’s vision for Young Jain; to learn true Jain Sidhhant Principles and implementation of those principles in daily life was presented at Rise and Shine Program. Where Young Jains presented about 7 Fundamentals under leadership of Saurabhji. Also 31 callers attended by providing 1500 minutes on telephone.

Series #6 starts at 10.00 am (EDST) with Pandit Hemchandji, from Deolali, India, on “Shri Pravachansaar”.

Series #7 Pathshala 608 a new lecture Series in English for Young Jains starts at 11.00 am (EDST).

After successful completion of the Summer 2009; series of Substances-Attributes-Manifestations classes on telephone, On Oct. 3 ’09; MONA conducted another meeting for the Pathshala 608 with more detailed Curriculum for all levels of students.