Jain Praveshika App for Android Phone

In the endeavour to make Jain scriptures available in electronic format, and following the lineage of Jain Android based apps, we are now ready with Jain Siddhant Praveshika app.

This app contains all the questions and answers from ‘Laghu Jain Siddhant Praveshika’ and ‘Vrahad Jain Siddhant Praveshika’ in both, English and Hindi language, with a well- defined user-interface to read all the questions based on selection of characters, keywords, or chapter. You can also read the questions using question numbers, scribbled in the original books. It also provides facility to bookmark your favourite questions, re-read them later, and also to forward the selected questions to your fellow-study mates who are keen to learn Jainism.

You can download the same from Play store using the following link –