Parmarshi Swasti Vidhan

Parmarshi Swasti Vidhan

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Gujarati dictionary of Panch Parmaagam words

English Jain Dictionary

Audio Recordings

Tithi Darpan 2017

Please click here to download tithi darpan for year 2017

Samvar Adhikar – English Translation by Dr. Kirit Gosalia

Please click here for the English Translation of Some Gathas from Samvar Adhikar by Dr. Kirit Gosalia

Jain Praveshika App for Android Phone

In the endeavour to make Jain scriptures available in electronic format, and following the lineage of Jain Android based apps, we are now ready with Jain Siddhant Praveshika app.

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Gurudevshri’s questions to BenShri Champaben and Shantaben

Please click here for the questions asked by Gurudevshri to Champaben and Shantaben and their responses

Please click here click here for Gurudevshri’s message about Champaben and Shantaben

Ratnakarand Shrawak Aachar and Gyan Thi Gyayak Sudhi

Please click here for Ratnakarand Shrawak Aachar

Please click here for Gyan Thi Gyayak Sudhi

Sanskrit Class

Sanskrit class will be conducted on Saturday at 11:30 am EST.

Sanskrit class presentation – #1
Sanskrit class presentation – #2
Sanskrit class presentation – #3
Sanskrit class presentation – #4
Sanskrit class presentation – #5 – avyaya
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MONA Class Schedule

The schedule for the educational classes being conducted by MONA is as follows:

A. International Classes on Sundays:
10.25am to 10.30 am:     One Stuti and Announcements
10.30 am to 11.15 am:     Swanubhuti Darshan by various vidhwans
11:15amto 12.00 noon:  Swanubhuti Darshan by Vi. Chetanbhai Mehta
12.00 noon to 12.05 pm: Jinwani Stuti

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