Das Lakshan Parva 2017

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Jaysen Acharya Tika – Shri Samaysaar Gatha 320

320 Jaysen Acharya Tika

Das Lakshan Maha Parva 2017

Das Lakshan Pooja

Dhyeypurvakgney Gujarati

Samaysaarsiddhi Gujarati

Parmarshi Swasti Vidhan

Parmarshi Swasti Vidhan

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Tithi Darpan 2017

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Samvar Adhikar – English Translation by Dr. Kirit Gosalia

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Jain Praveshika App for Android Phone

In the endeavour to make Jain scriptures available in electronic format, and following the lineage of Jain Android based apps, we are now ready with Jain Siddhant Praveshika app.

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Gurudevshri’s questions to BenShri Champaben and Shantaben

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